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Capital To Grow Your Business

Commercial Real Estate Loans to grow your business

We offer specialized services for developers, owners, brokers, and investors and can facilitate structured solutions for all types of commercial properties; and for all business needs, such as acquisition, refinancing, construction and rehab. A few of the commercial real estate financing products available include:

  • Private Money/Hard Money Loan Programs – These loans are based on the available equity in a commercial property and are normally 60-75% of the appraised value of the property. This type of financing normally takes about 10-15 days to secure and less paperwork than traditional financing.

  • Institutional & Private Equity Programs - Cash flow investment loans, which often have a value-add component and are normally used for larger loan amounts or project financing.

How it works

  1. Cap4Growth collects basic information about your business's cash flow and asset strength to match you with financial products within your general qualification potential.
  2. Based upon your qualifications, you will be presented with the commercial real estate financing products that are best for you.
  3. A Cap4Growth loan specialist is available to help you understand each product's terms so that you can select the solution that meets your diverse needs.
  4. Once you decide which product is a good fit, your Cap4Growth loan specialist will walk you through completing all required paperwork and will submit the application and accompanying paperwork to the lender.

Why Cap4Growth?

Cap4Growth only works with the best of the best commercial real estate lenders. Our expertise and familiarity in the space will empower you to make the best financing decision for your business.